AAPEX 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental
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AAPEX 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental Guide

AAPEX 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental Guide

Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo, or AAPEX, is coming to the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, November 5-7. This is one of the largest shows in Las Vegas and as a local Las Vegas Exhibit Builder, we will be there in full force, offering some of the best exhibits on the floor. Below are the basics for the show and a quick FAQ on how to show to your best advantage. If you are an Aftermarket exhibitor, who already have purchased exhibit space or you are looking for upgrades to your existing exhibit for the AAPEX 2019 show, we have offers that you should consider for remarketing your exhibit in 2019. Contact our sales team at rentals@exhibitexperience.com. Our guide to the AAPEX 2019 Show and building the best booth is below!

What is AAPEX Show and Why Should I attend?

AAPEX 2019 will draw over 48,000 attendees with over 1,500 exhibitors. For industry insiders, the aftermarket business is hardly an afterthought. This is one of the biggest industries out of the automotive industry with applications that reach far beyond the custom car demographics buyer or remodeler. Event highlights will include training and experience on the newest systems, network building, marketing seminars for building your business with special break out groups, and an oversize trade show floor with the biggest trends and demonstrations in Las Vegas. If you are in the automotive industry in or aftermarket with a new product or service, you need an AAPEX 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental.

Where and When is the AAPEX 2019 Show

AAPEX 2019 is at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 5-7, 2019. The trade show floor hours are 9-5pm and the Sands is located at 201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169.

Exhibitor and Attendee Costs

Attendee Costs 
Attendee Registration Online (through October 11)
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (through October 11)
Attendee Registration Online (Starting October 12) or Onsite
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (Starting October 12)
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers/Suppliers/Importers/Exporters

Exhibitor Costs 

Auto Care Association, MEMA/AASA and/or NARSA members
$26.00 per sq ft
$43.00 per sq ft
Corner In-line booth
Additional charge of $280.00
Peninsula booth (minimum 20’ x 20’)
Additional charge of $750.00
Island booth (minimum 20’ x 20’)
Additional charge of $4,100.00

For detailed descriptions of the booth types listed above, see Exhibit & Display Rules and Regulations.

What is included in a standard 10’ x 10’ booth?

  • 8-foot back drape and 3’ side drape (except islands)
  • Company identification sign
  • Listing in the printed AAPEX Buyer’s Guide
  • Listing on aapexshow.com database that is searchable by name, product categories, brand and country
  • Listing in the AAPEX App

Building the Best AAPEX 2019 Exhibit

Of course for the uninitiated in trade shows, you could simply order some banner signers and promotional materials and canvas the AAPEX show with trade show models to guarantee lead capture, but you would be missing crucial contacts and the biggest decision makers on the trade show floor would be giving more time to your competitors. Here are some 2019 Tips for Building the Best Booth.

1. AV Integration:

AV integration is not reserved for tech shows, your marketing team stands a much better show of attracting bodies if you have video reels and projections in your exhibit.

2. LED Skins:

LED skins take the AV game one step further and offer some really innovative ways to use walls formerly reserved for graphics and logo display. These panels are loaded onto modular frames and can be programmed to the minute to create an entire wall of entertainment or movement on your AAPEX 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental.

3. Interactive Promotional Materials:

Your promotional materials need to have an element that makes them memorable or a hit a cognitive nerve to make your booth and your brand memorable. You can underspend on a lot in your booth if you decide to overthink the promo. Consider a game or a custom display element such as a tree with low hanging fruit promotions that your attendees can pluck. These are always such winners on the trade show floor because an action is associated with the product.
Looking for more ideas? Contact our sales at rentals@exhibitexperience.com.