Cost Cutting from Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit House
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How to Cut Costs? Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit House Guide

How to Cut Costs in Exhibit Marketing? Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit House Guide

Whether you are looking to exhibit at a Las Vegas trade show for the first time, or you are looking to scale back on your Las Vegas trade show booth costs, we offer some simple tricks to help keep costs down, without sacrificing effectiveness. The trade show exhibit is critical for your performance at any trade show. Media attention, brand recognition, and new product introduction are just some of the top reasons to exhibit at a trade show. Prior to considering cutting costs or reconsidering your budget, be clear on what your trade show objectives are and what you stand to lose in cutting your budget. A total marketing budget is divided into segments and your print, digital, and promotional budgets should be considered in aggregate when cost-cutting for a show. If you find that cutting your trade show budget still makes sense overall, below are some ways that will not detract from your objectives.


The most obvious cost cutting measure is to downsize your exhibit. There are parameters in which this works. For example, downsizing a 80 x 80 to a 50 x 50, will not make a material difference to the brand recognition and media attention, just the number of staff you need and the number of attendees that will be able to fit at once. The trade show attention span is on average about 4 seconds coming into an exhibit and if you are dealing with a sizable booth, these large booths make an impact without 30 more feet squared, however going from 20 x 20 to 10 x 10 is going to cost you more attendees, attention and sales dollars. Only downsize if you are already big.


If you own your booth and it is built custom with wood or other materials that are heavier, consider purchasing a new custom booth made with lightweight materials and make AV upgrades that can provide dynamic visual messaging for different shows. LED skins as opposed to graphics ensure that your booth’s message can change at any time and is programmed in advance. This saves on costly graphics. If you make a switch to vinyl flooring and lightweight high load-bearing frames, you will save on shipping costs. Trade show standards are increasingly going towards frame technology with custom upgrades.

Pre Fabricated Exhibits

If you are short on time and also looking to offload some of the more cumbersome elements of your trade show rental, consider the prefabricated exhibit. Many exhibit houses, including ours, offer prefabricated exhibits for sale. We customize our prefab exhibits to your brand specifications and your marketing department has the ability to really be creative in the brand positioning and can use extra budget for promotions and pre-show advertising.


Exhibit Rentals from a local exhibit house are increasingly popular and offer the same benefits of traditional custom trade show displays for a fraction of the cost. We specialize in custom modular exhibits that are lightweight for shipping, are fabricated and stored locally in Las Vegas and Orlando, and are customized to your exact brand guidelines. Each exhibit cuts costs for you, far beyond materials and shipping. Turnkey Rentals offer labor, furniture, lighting, frames, custom graphics, flooring, and custom elements starting at as little as $7,000 per exhibit. When you consider the labor, storage space, creative time, sourcing expenses, and shipping it takes to manage inhouse, the custom rental makes a lot of fiscal sense, especially from a Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit House.

Timelines and Trade Show Calendars

The best way to save money is to be on time and organized. You avoid late charges, rush fees, sloppy work, and also will be able to better analyze choices for showing at a trade show. Further, if you are considering upgrading a custom exhibit with a larger budget, you could also consider a trade show calendar with a rental company. We offer complete trade show calendars with custom modular rentals as a local Las Vegas trade show exhibit house that include storage and shipping from show to show. In this way, you leverage your sales team to be at more shows, reaching larger buyer segments, with only one marketing effort annually, and without the lump outlay cost of a custom booth.

If you attend trade shows as part of your marketing and sales, we would love the opportunity to show you how to put your sales budget to work better with an exhibit rental and trade show calendar approach. A complimentary consultation and exhibit design awaits in 10 days without charge.