Trade Show Booth Rental Las Vegas Exhibit Rental
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Top Trade Show Booth Rental of 2019

Top Trade Show Booth Rental of 2019

Turnkey Exhibit Rental presents its’ choice for the top trade show booth rental of 2019 design. This exhibit is one of the most requested configurations and we have designed it specifically with the top-performing customizations and modifications to suit any industry, and any trade show floor. Before you purchase raw trade show space, consider your brand position, your trade show goals, and how you will measure the ROI of your attendance. As a Las Vegas trade show company, we offer special incentives to exhibit companies looking to outsource fabrication and delivery, in addition to exhibitors looking for a local solution to their trade show displays. We offer our best in show 10 x 20 Las Vegas Trade Show Design for your consideration.


The 10 x 20 Las Vegas Trade Show design is a linear design and is a standard configuration sold at variable prices in the domestic United States and abroad. While it does not allow overhead signage, it is a much more affordable space and does not lack for branded elements that stand out on the trade show floor.  This exhibit offers two sides of custom shelves for product display, a central panel with integrated AV and lockable storage, two seating configurations, overhead arm lamps, branded welcome desk, with your choice of flooring, and PVC graphics. We chose a 10 x 20 design to spotlight because of the versatility in any industry. Whether you are showcasing technical software and choose to flank the sides of the exhibit with demo space or your industry is food marketing and need to showcase product packaging on shelves, this configuration is balanced and offers easy showing.


Beyond the standard design, this exhibit offers many upgrade options. One of the biggest trends in upgraded AV on the trade show floor are the LED skins in combination with PVC graphic walls. The LED skin offers continuous loops of content streaming in your exhibit. In themselves, this upgrade is all you need with some furniture groupings to make an impact. It is one of the dynamic elements of the exhibit that is THE buzzword in the trade show booth rental industry. Dynamic amenities and upgrades to booth designs are some of our most competitive advantages above our competitors. Since we are local in Las Vegas, we can upgrade designs in a matter of days before your show and charge minimally. Whether you are looking for chandelier lighting, custom living walls, or side wall projections, our designers can add any number of amenities to a 10 x 20 exhibit space to make it pop.


Included in the 10 x 20 Las Vegas Trade Show design are our top rated services. When you contact Turnkey Exhibit Rental, we send an RFP, free of charge, within ten days, and then when we execute an agreement and terms, we build and deliver locally in Las Vegas. Unlike our competitors, we have a full staff of master craftsmen and project managers that work on the ground in coordination with your installers for the months leading to the installation of your exhibit at your trade show. The builders, designers, and managers are all on one team from start to finish on your project.


This design including furniture groupings, lighting, flooring, AV, storage, and branded welcome is $14,000. Included in this price is all labor from design to delivery and I and D. With a baseline of $14,000 and a trade show budget of $25,000, you are able to add a number of amenities or deliver with our recommended design and save money for promotional materials or additional labor. If you are looking for special demonstration labor, catering, or event help, you can also contact your account manager and we can arrange this in your quote.

If you would like more information on the Turnkey Exhibit Top Trade Show Booth Rental, contact our team for a quote