RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental
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RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental Guide

RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental Guide

The Radiological Society of North America is gathering once again for its’ annual meeting and Turnkey Exhibit Rental has your guide for a stand alone RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental. We are not only headquartered in Orlando and Las Vegas, but we also have considerable market share in the Chicago trade show exhibit industry. McCormick Place is the largest trade show facility in the United States and we have shown hundreds of times on this floor. Below are some of the practical tips and guide to Chicago, and our suggestions for showing at McCormick Place and for RSNA.

What is RSNA?

RSNA is the Radiological Society of North America’s Annual Meeting and it will bring over 52,000 attendees from over 132 countries to the McCormick Place, and Chicago. The annual meeting offers practitioners, innovators, and educators the opportunity to demonstrate, sell, and lecture in one location. Attendees come from all over the world to see the latest innovations in radiology, imaging, and much more. There is also a program for certification and continuing education that make this an excellent forum and investment for your staff.

When is RSNA, Where is RSNA, and How to Attend RSNA?

RSNA is from December 1- December 6, 2019 at the McCormick Place in beautiful downtown Chicago. RSNA offers its’ own travel planning, since its’ attendance is so robust, and the best rates on 3, 4, and 5 star hotels are available directly through the RSNA. We recommend booking directly through a show or show partners wherever possible to secure the best rates.

Exhibiting at RSNA

There are already over 1200 registered booths at RSNA and McCormick Place is the largest trade show floor in the North America. If you have booked and not considered your RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental, we have some tips below, and if you have not booked yet, we recommend reaching out directly to our exhibit planners and design team to build your booth.

RSNA is a field that is predicated on imagery. Showing to your strongest is going to be the key to attracting the right audiences at this trade show. Many of the products on display and demonstration are hundreds of thousands of dollars and the booth should not detract from the capability, but needs to be as state of the art so it is inline with your messaging.

Some of the advancements we are seeing in 2019 on the trade show floor and will definitely see in the RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental prototype is the LED skin walls over PVC and the projection visuals throughout the booths. Instead of long range and often bulky graphics, exhibitors are opting for pumped up AV packages with screens that run video loops, with 3D imaging. It stands to reason that with a show that is predicated on 3D imaging that a trade show wall should match.

Another industry standard to be aware of is the demonstration area. If you are already in the design mode for your exhibit, be aware that in Chicago you are going to have certain limitations on your trade show floor and if you are looking to display certain technologies with increased power draws, you will be paying and it will need to have full build-outs approved for fire safety. Be sure to use a reputable exhibit house with trade show skilled labor for important installs.

Who do I call?

Turnkey Exhibit Rental has delivered hundreds of booths in Chicago and we understand the constraints and the benefits of the McCormick Floor. Additionally, we not only offer services for trade show exhibits, we also offer off the floor event planning. This event spans over 5 days and you will want to take full advantage of the attendees on and off the floor. If you would like more information on our services and a RFP for a RSNA 2019 Turnkey Exhibit Rental, contact our team at