Exhibit Builders in Las Vegas
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How to Be One of The Best Exhibit Builders in Las Vegas

How to: Be One of The Best Exhibit Builders in Las Vegas

We have over 25 combined years experience delivering exhibits to the Las Vegas trade shows and have learned a thing or two about being a local leader in exhibit building and delivery. The trade show floor, regardless of your industry or the particular show, is one of the most fiercely visually competitive showrooms on the planet. The Las Vegas trade show floor, is without a doubt the most competitive in the trade show industry. Exhibitors have one shot and roughly 3 seconds to attract the attention of the decision-maker or buyer they are looking to get into their booth, and the wrong booth will wreck those chances. Given the competition between booths, the competition between booth builders is similarly steep. Turnkey Exhibit Rental is one of the Best Exhibit Builders in Las Vegas for a reason, we deliver quality booths, under budget, on time, with a great attitude, and all completely locally. Below are some of our proven ways to excel as a new booth builder in the competitive trade show market.

Be on Time

We deliver custom, custom modular, and modular exhibits within a corresponding number of time constraints. Custom exhibits are generally 90 day delivery, custom modular is 60 day delivery, and modular is under 30 day. Each of these exhibit types can be delivered for a rush charge depending on the level of customization and how prepared your marketing team is. If you have your graphics, booth size and location, and all of your AV, lighting, flooring, picked out, we can deliver a custom modular in under 2 weeks, but timing is a two way street and we can only deliver our half with your input. Be impeccable with your timing to be the best.

Be on Budget

An exhibit can be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of customizations, or it can come in at under 10,000. Be realistic in your marketing budget when you come to your Las Vegas Exhibit Builder, and we can deliver the absolute most for your marketing dollars. One trick to delivering more for your budget is our location. We are a local Las Vegas exhibit builder and because we are so close to trade show venues, we save on shipping and delivery, savings that we pass down to clients. Additionally, our relationships with outside vendors get you great rates on catering, extra trade show labor, and much more. If you are breaking into the exhibit builder market in Las Vegas, start building bridges with your vendors now and finding ways to save your clients money and stay within your budget.

Be Organized, but Be Flexible

The quickest way to lose money and sink your new exhibit building ship is to be disorganized. From the onset of a build, if you miscalculate your costs or misplace order forms, or do not abide by checklists, you are going to spend extra money on additional supplies, rush ordering, last minute labor, and mistakes. Unforced errors are a great way to quickly usurp your bottom line. This is not to say that you should not be super flexible when it comes to the trade show floor. It is quite the opposite. Organize yourself and your team until the minute of delivery and install, then be completely on your toes to anticipate and meet the needs of your clients.

Be a Team Player

When it is SHOWTIME, your team and labor are your teams and your team joins with your client’s team to deliver a great booth and put on a great show because both reputations depend on it. You can deliver a state of the art design that does not deliver or is confusing to your client’s team and then you are losing face because it really is not delivering during the show. The best Las Vegas Exhibit Builders work alongside their clients to make sure the show is as great as the booth.

If you are looking to join the best in Las Vegas Exhibit Builders, contact our staff, we are hiring the best in Las Vegas! rentals@exhibitexperience.com